Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Awesome Mix Vol. 3 | LP par Les Gardiens De La Galaxie

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Article n°. 554841
Genre (musique) Musique de Film
Média - Format 2-LP
Thématiques Merchandising Pop Culture, Groupes, Marvel, Films
Licence Officielle Les Gardiens De La Galaxie
Catégorie de produit LP
Date de sortie 05/05/2023
Gender Unisexe
1. "Creep" (Acoustic Version) - Performed by Radiohead 2. "Crazy On You" - Performed by Heart 3. "Since You Been Gone" - Performed by Rainbow 4. "In the Meantime" - Performed by Spacehog 5. "Reasons" - Performed by Earth, Wind and Fire 6. "Do You Realize??" - Performed by The Flaming Lips 7. "We Care a Lot" - Performed by Faith No More 8. "Koinu no Carnival" (From "Minute Waltz") - Performed by EHAMIC 9. "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" - Performed by Alice Cooper 10. "San Francisco" - Performed by The Mowgli's 11. "Poor Girl" - Performed by X 12. "This Is the Day" - Performed by The The 13. "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" - Performed by Beastie Boys 14. "Dog Days Are Over" - Performed by Florence + The Machine 15. "Badlands" - Performed by Bruce Springsteen 16. "I Will Dare" - Performed by The Replacements 17. "Come and Get Your Love" - Performed by Redbone

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