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Clear shell cassette in regular Norelco box with j-card.
Limited to 200 copies worldwide!

Finland’s symphonic black metal sweethearts AND OCEANS turned rogue with their third full-length and adopted a drastically more electronic music influenced style. As a result, A.M.G.O.D (2001) was much debated upon its release: both praised for its inventiveness but also misunderstood many fans.
Now, A.M.G.O.D is an integral part of the band’s discography and a must have to complete one’s AND OCEANS collection, released on vinyl for the first time.

Artwork by Niklas Sundin.


Article n°. 513166
Genre (musique) Black Metal
Média - Format MC
Thématiques Groupes
Artiste ... And Oceans
Catégorie de produit K7 audio
Date de sortie 24/09/2021
Gender Unisexe

Disc 1

  • 1.
    Intelligence Is Sexy (05:15)
  • 2.
    White Synthetic Noise (05:01)
  • 3.
    Tears Have No Name (06:13)
  • 4.
    Espirit De Corps (03:36)
  • 5.
    Odious & Devious (06:16)
  • 6.
    Of Devilish Tongues (05:45)
  • 7.
    Postfuturistika (05:41)
  • 8.
    TBA In A Silver Box (04:18)
  • 9.
    New Model World (05:56)

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