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Article n°. 390970
Collection Unisexe
Genre (musique) Black Metal
Média - Format 2-CD
Thématiques Groupes
Artiste Twilight (US)
Catégorie de produit CD
Date de sortie 30/11/2018
CD 1
1. Woe Is The Contagion 2. Exact Agony, Take Life 3. Larval Liaise 4. As The March Of Worms 5. Winter Before 6. White Fire Under Black Text 7. Hopeless Etheride 8. Swollen Voices In Silence 9. Beyond Light (Beautiful And Malignant) 10. Swollen Voices In Silence (live) 11. Beyond Light (Beautiful And Malignant) (live)
CD 2
1. The Cryptic Ascension 2. Fall Behind Eternity 3. 8,000 Years 4. Red Fields 5. Convulsions In Wells of Fever 6. Decaying Observer 7. The Catastrophe Exhibition 8. Negative Signal Omega 9. The Road South 10. Weathered Flames 11. The House Of Cards (Built On A Burning Bridge)