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Article n°. 397042
Collection Unisexe
Genre (musique) Death Metal
Média - Format 2-LP
Thématiques Groupes
live Oui
Artiste Cannibal Corpse
Catégorie de produit LP
Date de sortie 22/02/2019
LP 1
1. Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead 2. Blowtorch Slaughter 3. Stripped, Raped And Strangled 4. I Cum Blood 5. Covered With Sores 6. Fucked With A Knife 7. Unleashing The Bloodthirsty 8. Dead Human Collection 9. Gallery Of Suicide
LP 2
1. Meat Hook Sodomy 2. Perverse Suffering 3. The Spine Splitter 4. Gutted 5. I Will Kill You 6. Devoured By Vermin 7. Disposal Of The Body 8. A Skull Full Of Maggots 9. Hammer Smashed Face