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Article n°. 397505
Collection Unisexe
Genre (musique) Death Metal
Média - Format 2-LP
Thématiques Groupes
Artiste Allegaeon
Catégorie de produit LP
Date de sortie 19/04/2019
Released on coloured vinyl (ultra clear/black smoke) as a 200-copy limited edition.

The death metallers from Allegaeon strike back with their new album 'Apoptosis'. The successor to the 2016 release 'Proponent for Sentience' takes no prisoners and is sure to bring fans of Fallujah, Revocation or Persefone under its spell.
LP 1
1. Parthenogenesis 2. Interphase // Meiosis 3. Extremophiles (B) 4. The Secular Age 5. Exothermic Chemical Combustion 6. Extremophiles (A) 7. Metaphobia 8. Tsunami and Submergence 9. Colors of the Currents 10. Stellar Tidal Disruption 11. Apoptosis