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Die for rock 'n' roll - Double Crush Syndrome CD
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Catégorie CDs
Genre Punk Rock
ÉditionEdition limitée
Format média2-CD
Packaging médiaCoffret
Référencé depuis le 17.03.2017
Référence de l'Article349383

Released as a limited metal box edition.

'Die For Rock 'n' Roll' is the title of the follow-up album to Double Crush Syndrome's celebrated debut 'The You Filter'. Now, with new bandmates Slick Prolidol (formerly of The Traceelords) on the bass and newbie Julian Fischer on drums, the band are finally beginning to produce new work. Andy Brings of Sodom himself produced the album, which serves up unembellished and rude sounds that are simultaneously fresh and punk-heavy as they jump out of the speakers.


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